UK charity to set up call centers in PA territories

TBN raising $1.1 million for project to help boost the Palestinian economy.

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A UK-based charity plans to set up call centers for technical support in Gaza and the West Bank, in a joint venture with an Israeli company, to help boost the Palestinian economy. Transformational Business Network (TBN), based in Wimbledon in south London, says it wants to establish the first centers by the end of this year. TBN is currently raising the $1.1 million for the project from investors and international donors. The registered UK charity said it wanted to devise an effort that would not be affected by the frequent closures imposed on Palestinian areas by Israel. Call center workers will work in local centers using modern call routing technology. Initially, computer support to serve the Arabic speaking world will be on offer but TBN hopes to branch out into hotel bookings and other services. It will be run by TBN in close cooperation with Palestinian, Israeli and UK partners. The plans are to locate the centers in Beit Jala and Jenin. Jerry Marshall, project manager for TBN, said the next few months were "crucial." He said: "We have nearly everything in place. I see no reason why this shouldn't be successful. In Egypt, it has created almost 10,000 jobs in five years. We believe that private enterprise can do more to alleviate poverty than almost anything else in the long-term."