UK prime minister's senior aide resigns

A senior aide to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown resigned Saturday after reportedly circulating scurrilous rumors about political opponents. Special adviser Damien McBride stepped down after a newspaper published a summary of e-mails he allegedly sent to prominent political blogger Derek Draper, a supporter of Britain's governing Labour Party. Draper said the e-mails, sent in January, were intended to provide fodder for a gossip Web site called "The Red Rag" which would attack members of Britain's opposition Conservative Party. But in a post to his blog, Labour List, he noted that the Web site never got off the ground and that the personal attacks were never published. "In truth these (rumors) were a bit juvenile and inappropriate, and some were in bad taste, though I have to admit some were also brilliant and rather funny," Draper wrote. "As anyone involved in politics knows, though, people come up with lots of daft plans that don't make it off the drawing board."