UN passes Israeli agricultural proposal

Arab nations lead 35 countries in abstaining from vote, while 133 states vote in favor of proposal to disseminate farming technology to developing African nations.

General Assembly (photo credit: REUTERS)
General Assembly
(photo credit: REUTERS)
NEW YORK – The United Nations General Assembly voted on Friday in favor of an Israeli proposal to disseminate agricultural and farming technology to developing African nations, despite opposition articulated by Arab nations who abstained from voting on the measure.
Arab nations led 35 countries in abstaining from the vote, while 133 states voted in favor of the proposal.
Some Arab states would be among those benefiting from the proposal, but abstained for political reasons.
Representatives from some Arab nations claimed Israel’s proposal exploited the developing world for political gain.
Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor applauded the UN’s support for the proposal, saying nations opposing the measure on political grounds were supporting rhetoric rather than innovation.
The measure also aims to increase women’s access to agricultural technology and know-how. Israel proposed the measure first in 2007, and it has been resubmitted and voted upon each year since then.