UN Security Council refrains from condemning IDF

The UN Security Council has passed a statement expressing "extreme shock and distress," but not condemnation of Israel's bombing of Kana by the IDF that apparently led to many civilian deaths. The presidential statement, passed by the 15-member council Sunday evening in an emergency session, amended stronger language in an earlier draft circulated by the UN spokespersons office, to say it "strongly deplores this loss of innocent life and the killing of civilians in the present conflict." "The Security Council expresses its concern at the threat of escalation of violence with further grave consequences for the humanitarian situation, calls for an end to violence, and underscores the urgency of securing a lasting, permanent and sustainable ceasefire," the final document said. Other items in dispute by diplomats that included "calling for a cessation of the current violence" were removed from the statement after the last consultations by the council. The statement also calls for the council to "work without further delay to adopt a resolution for a lasting settlement of the crisis."