UN Security Council "strongly condemns" Eritrea

The UN Security Council has strongly condemned Eritrea's lack of cooperation with the U.N. peacekeeping mission monitoring the border with Ethiopia and demanded that it resume providing diesel fuel and food and allow troops to move freely. Council members said Friday they will consider "further appropriate steps" - which they didn't specify - for the safety and protection of the peackeepers. The council met in emergency session after Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's office said the peacekeeping mission has been trapped in a dangerous situation inside Eritrea, denied enough food or fuel to keep operating for much longer. Relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia have been consistently strained since Eritrea gained its independence from the Addis Ababa government in 1993 following a 30-year guerrilla war. The border between the countries was never officially demarcated, which led to a 2 1/2-year war that ended in 2000.