UNHRC draft resolution slams Israel

UNHRC draft resolution s

A draft of a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution, published on the council's Web site on Wednesday evening, slammed Israel, while failing to mention Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations. Titled A draft resolution on the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including east Jerusalem and supported by the Palestinians, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tunisia, the document cited "deep concern at the Israeli actions undermining the sanctity and inviolability of religious sites." In an apparent reference the recent period of increased tensions in and around Jerusalem's Old City, the resolution slammed "the Israeli policy of closure and severe restrictions… that continue to be imposed on the movement of Palestinians, hindering their free access to their Christian and Muslim holy sites, including al-Aksa Mosque." The report also reiterated previous Palestinian claims of Israeli excavations "in and around" the Aksa Mosque. Regarding the Goldstone Commission report, which accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip last winter, the resolution accused Israel, "the occupying power," of "non-cooperation." It also welcomed and endorsed all of the report's findings. While the UNHRC was originally set to convene on Thursday and Friday in Geneva to discuss the Goldstone Report's findings, the Palestinian leadership is lobbying for the recent Aksa Mosque incidents to be debated as well.