US concerned UNHRC flotilla probe may stop peace talks

State Dept. opposes implementation of report, while EU says it should be used by the UN's general investigation.

UNHRC (photo credit: Associated Press)
(photo credit: Associated Press)
The State Department is concerned that the UN Human Rights Council report on the Gaza flotilla could be used to stop the peace process, AFP reported on Tuesday.
"We are concerned with the tone, content and conclusions of the report," US envoy to the UN Human Rights Committee Eileen Chamberlain reportedly told the organization.
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The UN Human Rights Council's fact-finding mission concluded that the naval blockade of Gaza was unlawful because of the humanitarian crisis there, and described the military raid on the flotilla as brutal and disproportionate.
She added that the US thinks "the report should not be used to justify actions that will prevent peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians."
The European Union, however, said the report should be transferred to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's probe, which includes Israeli and Turkish investigators.
The 56-page document lists a series of alleged crimes committed by Israeli forces during and after the raid, including willful killing and torture, and claims there is "clear evidence to support prosecutions."
"A series of violations of international law, including international humanitarian and human rights law, were committed by the Israeli forces during the interception of the flotilla and during the detention of passengers in Israel prior to deportation," the experts found.

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