US congress pressing for opening of Nazi archive

Members of Congress are stepping up pressure on an 11-nation body overseeing a secret Nazi archive to expedite the opening of millions of files on concentration camps and their victims. A panel in the House of Representatives plans to hold a hearing Wednesday after approving a resolution calling on the countries to speed up ratification of plans to open the archive to researchers. This month, an 11-nation body overseeing the archive set procedures to open the war records stored in Bad Arolsen, Germany, by the end of the year. But before the material can be accessed, all the member countries must ratify an agreement adopted last year to end the 60-year ban on using the files for research. The resolution approved Tuesday by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives urges member countries who have not yet ratified to do so quickly in the interest of many Holocaust survivors, who may not have much time left to live.