US judge throws out Cuban militant's indictment

A US judge on Tuesday threw out Cuban militant Luis Posada Carriles's indictment accusing him of lying to immigration authorities, criticizing the government's actions in the case and the interpretation of Posada's naturalization interview. US District Judge Kathleen Cardone ruled on a motion by Posada's attorneys seeking to throw out statements he made during the interview in April 2006. "The evidence is overwhelming that the Government improperly manipulated the administration of criminal justice in order to secure a criminal indictment(s) against defendant," Cardone wrote in her 38-page ruling. Posada, a 79-year-old former CIA operative and fierce opponent of Fidel Castro, was scheduled to stand trial next week in Texas on immigration fraud charges. "This is a victory for all freedom-loving Cubans in the world and a validation of the American legal system," Arturo V. Hernandez, Posada's attorney, told The Associated Press through his office in Miami.