US officials warn of potential reprisal attacks

US government officials said Friday that people should be vigilant about the possibility of a terror attack associated with Saddam Hussein's impending execution in Iraq. But an advisory that the FBI and the Homeland Security Department sent to local law enforcement agencies and intelligence community figures was routine and did not cite any specific threat. Intelligence and security officials in Europe, where several terror plots were thwarted earlier this year, have cited a high risk of a terror attack by Islamic militants during the holiday travel season. "We currently have no credible, specific intelligence indicating any imminent threat against the Homeland or corroborating that individuals in the Ba'ath party or others loyal to Saddam are prepared to carry out any activities in the United States," said FBI spokesman Richard Kolko. "As we have in the past, DHS and the FBI will continue to share our intelligence assessments with our federal, state, local, and private sector partners to keep them informed of relevant information that we receive," he said. The bulletin also went to state homeland security advisers, federal departments and agencies, state emergency managers and state and local law enforcement agencies.