US, South Korea upbeat on North Korean nuke talks

US and South Korean nuclear envoys said Friday a Chinese draft agreement presented at talks on dismantling North Korea's nuclear programs offered a good start for discussions. "It's good as a basis for negotiations, but I don't want to predict whether there will be smooth negotiations," South Korea's Chun Yung-woo told reporters as he left his hotel. He declined to give any details of what the draft contained. The Chinese presented the draft after the end of the first day of talks Thursday, during which the North agreed in principle to take first steps toward its eventual nuclear disarmament. US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill gave no details on the draft, but said he was anxious for progress in the slow moving negotiations. "We haven't discussed it yet but that is what we will be doing first thing this morning ... In these processes you often start discussing things and you move to the written form and that is always a challenge," he told reporters.