US terror suspect to testify in UK bomb plot trial

An FBI informant who pleaded guilty in the United States to links with al-Qaida testified against alleged terrorists in a British court Thursday. Mohammed Junaid Babar, 30, a US citizen of Pakistani descent, pleaded guilty to various terrorist offenses at a federal court in New York in 2004 and described traveling to the Pakistani province of Waziristan to supply cash and military equipment to al-Qaida suspects. Two of the charges related to what US prosecutors described as the "British bombing plot," prosecutor David Waters told a jury at London's Central Criminal Court. At terror training camps in Pakistan, Babar allegedly plot an attack on Britain with a group of seven British men, supplying them with details to make an ammonium nitrate fertilizer bomb, Waters said. Following his arrest, Babar provided other information to the FBI about different planned terrorist attacks on Britain.