US, Turkey agree on 'strategic vision' document

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said Wednesday they have reached agreement on a "strategic vision" document that will guide efforts by the two countries to ease international disputes. With Gul standing at her side after a meeting, Rice said the document underscores the mutual trust that exists between the two countries. The document is a reminder that the relationship "is broad and deep and based on shared values and interests," Rice said. She also pledged to cooperate with Turkey in containing rebels from the Kurdish Workers Party or PKK, which took up arms in 1984 to battle for autonomy. "No one wants the PKK to carry out attacks anywhere, especially from northern Iraq," Rice said. Gul said the strategic vision document reflects the shared values of the two countries and their common views on democratic development. The document is expected to be made public later Wednesday.