US welcomes int'l court's indictments on Darfur

The United States endorsed the International Criminal Court's indictment of two prominent Sudanese on charges they committed war crimes in Darfur and urged President Omar al-Bashir's government to cooperate. The Sudanese already have rejected the indictments against a close al-Bashir colleague and an alleged leader of a government-supported militia. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the United States fully supports "bringing to justice those responsible for crimes and atrocities that have occurred in Darfur." He said: "It is now incumbent upon the government of Sudan, we believe, to cooperate with the ICC." One of the suspects named Tuesday at the court in The Hague, Netherlands, is Ahmed Muhammed Harun, Sudan's minister of state for humanitarian affairs, a member of al-Bashir's inner circle. The other is Ali Mohammed Ali Abd-al-Rahman, also known as Ali Kushayb, who the court said is a high-ranking leader of the janjaweed militia.