US welcomes Muslim states' anti-terror declaration

The United States on Monday welcomed portions of a declaration by leaders of Islamic nations on terrorism, school curricula and Iraq but said there were sections of the document which did not jibe with US policy. However, the statement by the White House did not go into the disagreements. In addition, the statement said, the OIC calls for developing school curricula that "strengthens the values of understanding, tolerance, dialogue and pluralism." Leaders at the biggest ever Islamic summit on terrorism vowed last Thursday to fight extremist ideology, saying they would reform textbooks, rein in the issuing of religious edicts and crack down on terror financing. Kings, heads of states and ministers from more than 50 Muslim countries closed a two-day summit held in Islam's holiest city, Mecca, Saudi Arabia that had been convened in a bid to address terrorism that has increasingly confronted their own governments and to counter criticism that the Islamic world has been doing to little to confront extremism.