Venezuela gunmen leave bank with 5 hostages

Gunmen who held more than 30 hostages inside a Venezuelan bank for more than a day negotiated their getaway in an ambulance and sped off with five captives Tuesday, freeing the rest. Under the deal with police, the four gunmen were permitted to leave with the five hostages, and they slipped into an ambulance that backed up to the entrance. As the gunmen and hostages stepped out, they held up file folders and paper bags to cover their faces. "The important part of this was saving the lives of the hostages," said Guarico state Gov. Eduardo Manuitt said. "They threatened to start killing the hostages in 20 minutes, and for that reason they were allowed to leave for an unknown location to the west." He said five captives agreed to go with the gunmen, who promised to leave them along the way. "Let's hope they keep to what they agreed," Manuitt said.