WATCH: Israel at 70 - The future of employment in Israel

Will robots take our jobs in the future? Find out what Israeli researchers think will happen to employment in the future.

Israel 70+: Employment (White Animation/
Pessimists predict a future where humans are unemployed. Robots will join the workforce, taking our jobs, leaving us out of work and with no income. Professor Nathan Sussman has a slightly different, brighter view of the future - one that’s reminiscent of 14th century life.
In this video made by White Animation for the Israel 70+ project in honor of Israel's upcoming 70th anniversary of independence, Professor Nathan Sussman takes a moment to explain the future of employment in Israel might look like.
Former Director of the Research Department at the Bank of Israel, Professor Nathan Sussman is an Associate Professor in the Hebrew University’s Department of Economics and in the University’s integrated Philosophy, Economics and Political Science Program (PPE). His studies focus on monetary and financial economic history. He has written numerous articles and co-authored a book on emerging markets and financial globalization.
The Israel 70+ project is comprised of 12 short animations, each shining a light on the future of a major field of life - medicine, autonomous transportation, the job market, food, family, child welfare, Jews in the Diaspora, big data and more, and these videos will air exclusively right here on!