Israel's 70th anniversary

As Israel turns 70, the Jerusalem Post joins in the celebration, covering the special events surrounding the anniversary of the creation of the Jewish state, marking the achievements of the past 70 years and looking ahead to the future of the Zionist project.

Miriam Peretz (L) shakes hands with Israel President Reuven Rivlin (R).

Israel Prize winner Miriam Peretz: I won’t give up parts of my people

“If you miss one piece of the puzzle, the picture will not be complete, so I will not give up any part of my people."

‘REFUSE THE OCCUPATION,’ the Yesh Gvul NGO’s banners read across from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Yesh Gvul holds 21st alternative torch ceremony

Founded in 1982 in the shadow of the First Lebanon War, Yesh Gvul attempts to provide support to conscientious objectors and “refuseniks”: Israelis who object to all or some forms of IDF service.

Ambassador Danon speaking with the UN ambassadors at Masada

Forty U.N. Ambassadors bring in Israel’s 70th anniversary

Led by UN Ambassador Danny Danon, 40 ambassadors from Europe, Latin America and Africa participated in an event held at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.

The backdrop of the stage at last year’s AIPAC conference in Washington, DC

Polarization on Israel thrives at America's fringes

Anti-Israel activists on the Left are trying to wrench control of the Democratic Party while white nationalists on the Right treat Zionism as a cover for their racism.

An illuminating look at the life of Ben-Gurion

Journalist Raviv Drucker said he was astonished at some of the things he learned while researching for his new Channel 10 series 'The Captains.'

Natan Sharansky

After 70 years, a shift in Jewish immigration ideology

When newly-minted Israel Prize winner Natan Sharansky became the head of the Jewish Agency nearly 10 years ago, the former refusenik did what he does best: shake things up.


Outstanding olim: Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship

For this crop of young Nefesh b'nefesh olim, it's not about 'what Israel can do for them, it's about what they can do for Israel.'


Israelis who hit all the right notes

Celebrating the diversity of Israeli pop.

Celebrations at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv for independence day. Indep

Poll: 82% of Israelis proud of the country, half fear war is near

A survey conducted on the eve of Independence Day gave a snapshot of Israelis' optimism and anxiety.

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