Wiesenthal Center: Austria should be ashamed

After death of alleged Nazi collaborator, Simon Wiesenthal Center issues harsh statement condemning state's inaction.

Simon Wiesenthal 311 (photo credit: Simon Wiesenthal Center/Bloomberg)
Simon Wiesenthal 311
(photo credit: Simon Wiesenthal Center/Bloomberg)
The Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Monday that failure to convict alleged Nazi collaborator Milivoj Asner, who died in Austria earlier this week, was a sign of shame for the local authorities.
“The recent death of Milivoj Asner in Austria, unprosecuted for his crimes, is a travesty of justice which reinforces the total failure of the Austrian judicial authorities to adequately deal with the issue of Nazi war criminals during the past more than three decades,” Wiesenthal Center official Efraim Zuroff said.
“Asner’s role in the persecution and death of hundreds of Serb, Jewish and Roma residents of the city of Pozega, Croatia in his capacity as local Ustasha police chief was critical, and his criminal responsibility for their tragic fate is absolutely clear,” Zuroff added.