WikiLeaks: US wary of Hezbollah presence in Chile

Leaked US diplomatic cables show South American Islamic fundamentalists raised funds, reportedly planned terror attacks.

Hezbollah (photo credit: )
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The US suspected that Hezbollah had a presence in Chile's Islamic fundamentalist communities, according to an embassy cable released by WikiLeaks this week.
"These fundamentalists who are known to be associated with Hezbollah are increasing their presence and activity in Chile," the cable explained.
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The cable, dated February 27, 2006 detailed the "radical fundamentalist presence" in Iquique and to some extent, Santiago.
The document posited that Hezbollah's activity in Chile consisted mostly of fund raising, explaining: "The Hezbollah groups in the northern part of Chile are believed to be financial cells."
In addition, there were allegations of plans for terrorist attacks, "but nothing definite."

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