Wolfensohn: Aid to PA may have to bypass Hamas

James Wolfensohn, international envoy to the Middle East, said Monday that Western aid to Palestinians must continue but could bypass a Hamas-led government unless it renounces violence and recognizes Israel. Wolfensohn, who represents the so-called Quartet of Mideast peacemakers, the US, UN, European Union and Russia, said cutting off aid to the Palestinians would lead to a humanitarian disaster. "In the event there is no resolution ... any support that goes (to Palestinians) will have to find an alternative route," Wolfensohn told reporters during a visit to Stockholm. He did not specify the route, but his comment was in response to a question about whether nonprofit groups would be considered. "When we know what that is, the international community will have to adjust and try to find ways in which the Palestinian people can survive," he said. "We have to avert a humanitarian disaster."