Eye on Iran: Bullying Israel

We always give the predator a chance to feed his hunger with Israel first. Posted by Anna Levitina.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Anna Levitina, Montreal, Canada. We all know what happened with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and with several European countries after the Chernobyl catastrophe. And just imagine if Ahmadinejad comes to the decision to use nuclear weapons in this area - he definitely will kill many of his supporters. And for the generations to come the Holy Land will be not holy anymore. And if for any reason the bomb misses its target… Mr. Ahmadinejad, don't nuke Al-Aksa! Your own people will never forgive you. Bullying Israel: It's not so simple. Many tried, but at the end, they all lost in one way or another. Israeli image is another problem that has to be addressed. Europe didn't change its feelings toward Jewish people. And the historical events that took place at the time of the creation of Israel aren't objectively shown in the reports and discussions all over the world. We have to remind the world about the real facts and not let the counterparts falsify history. We need non-Jewish friends to cooperate to restore the facts, to teach future generations understand how difficult it is for a very small nation dispersed all over the world being bullied century after century, and survive with the pride. We have to make those voices to be heard not just by scholars. The biggest difficulty, in my view, is to consolidate world opinion and pressure not only Iran, but also on any other country, political or religious movement in order to stop the insane tradition of bullying Israel. We always give the predator a chance to feed his hunger with Israel first, and then maybe he will leave others alone. We don't have to see ourselves as the victims. And there isn't any justification to wipe out any nation from the face of the Earth. The world organizations and political leaders have to be brought to the level of being prepared to cut economical, academic or military contacts with the abusers. There isn't any other solution as to stop the flow of our money that is spent on our destruction. We have to pressure our political leaders to give a boost to the economy and become independent from our present donors sources of energy. We have to let them know that they have to change their minds and respect the universal rules if they want to be accepted. We have to sacrifice economically but to create a taboo code for selling arms to the countries that have political instability, and so on. We have to create independent worldwide-cooperated agencies whose role will be controlling the sales, distribution, and redistribution of the weapons. I didn't say anything new. But I want to help to boost the energy of the human brain to work harder and realize really positive changes that will stop the bullying of Israel.
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