Eye on Iran: Kaleidoscope of madness

Just a little while back, the media had paired the Iranian threat in importance with the latest running of American Idol. Posted by Luis Kahn.

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eye on iran blog 88
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Posted by Luis Kahn, San Salvador
Today is June 1st, 2006; the relevant part of this is the year, 2006. Is it to be believed that in this day and age a madman from Iran is poised (or at least wanting) to destroy Israel and possibly the rest of the world?
I am a 1980s generation guy, you know, the electronics revolution (remember atari and the commodore 64K ?). I grew up on that particular time where everything seemed possible: wealth for anyone who wanted it, scientific breakthroughs in healthcare, unlimited possibilities in economic growth. And although not everything turned out to be as good as it was hyped up to be back then, it still resulted in unprecented progress and possibilities.
Enter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this year. As the world continued its quest for becoming a better place, with better and nicer computers, better and less polluting cars, possibly a cure for AIDS, increased agricultural food crops, etc., this guy shows up out of the blue almost and declares that he wants a nuke, that he will use against Israel in particular, and that the whole affair is supposedly justified because of that general and, I would venture to assert, unverifiable general theory of world injustice, and what is more, blaming others for such injustice. I know of course that there are other reasons at play here, mainly money and power. But I counter, how come that civilized nations have achieved such power and wealth without blackmailing others?.
The news media can no longer ignore the fact that the Iran dossier is the single most important issue confronting the world today, and just very recently it appears that it is taking center stage in different media channels. Just a little while back, the media had become a kaleidoscope of madness, pairing the Iranian threat in importance with the latest running of American Idol, Jennifer Lopez and Branjelina, mortgage rates, sports and cuisine, etc.
The war on terror got the same disdainful treatment (when it was not overtly criticised for political reasons) from the media. And maybe that is the way it is, life goes on with or without war, and so does business. I would not place an accusation of deceit and trick on the entire news media, but I for one at least do not subscribe to the prerogative of worrying about the latest fashion trends in Hollywood when people are getting killed day in and day out in a vicious war. It has been indeed a kaleidoscope of madness the media has has put out for us. Hopefully, now that the Iranian mess is reaching a critical point, most of the news media will raise up to the challenge of objectivity, common sense, and decency, that has been lacking as of late. I believe Anne Frank affirmed towards the end of her horrible ordeal's journal a belief in the goodness of man. Let's pray.

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