Newsweek: US foiled missile shipment to Iran

Newsweek: Washington asked India to cancel clearance for N. Korean carrier to use its airspace.

Kim Jong Il new 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
Kim Jong Il new 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
A few weeks before dropping North Korea from the United States' list of countries that sponsor terrorism, the Bush administration thwarted a shipment of missile parts, possibly including gyroscopes for guidance systems, from the far eastern country to Iran, the weekly news magazine Newsweek reported Sunday, quoting US officials. On August 4, an aircraft operated by Pyongyang's state-controlled airline was given permission by India to fly from Burma to Teheran, traversing Indian airspace. On August 7, The Indian Express newspaper reported that the office of India's prime minister "hurriedly" asked authorities to withdraw the clearance. The US officials said that clearance was annulled following a request from Washington. The US then removed North Korea from its state sponsor of terror status in October, after Pyongyang agreed to halt its nuclear program. However, what seemed a brisk start began to stutter as Japanese and South Korean officials publicly proclaimed that North Korea had stopped the process of decommissioning its reactor, and was not standing up to other sides of its agreement with the US. US officials believe that when Kim Jong Il dies, North Korea will be ruled by bureaucrats, military commanders and Communist Party functionaries with links to Kim's family.