'US expects 'concrete commitments' from Iran'

US secretary of state tell ABC US does not want Israel to take unilateral action on Iran over its nuclear program.

Hillary Clinton 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Hillary Clinton 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Unites States expects "concrete commitments from Iran" during this months nuclear talks between Tehran and the P5+1, Voice of America quoted US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as saying Tuesday.
“We expect to see concrete commitments from Iran that it will come clean on its nuclear program and live up to its international obligations,” she said according to VOA.
Iran and six world powers will meet in Turkey on April 13-14 for a round of fresh talks over Iran's disputed nuclear program, as Tehran faces increasing economic and political pressure.
Clinton credited a surge in international sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, which Iran maintains is for peaceful purposes, for getting Tehran back to the negotiating table.
She said she hoped the new round of talks would lead to a "plan of action that will resolve our disagreements peacefully."
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Earlier Tuesday, Clinton told ABC news that the US was not entering into the talks "for the sake of talks," explaining that the US wants to give diplomacy a chance.
Clinton reiterated comments by US President Barack Obama in Seoul, South Korea, last week that Iran is "entitled to civilian nuclear power," but said "They are not entitled to a nuclear weapons program."
Regarding Israeli threats to strike Iran's nuclear facilities, Clinton said "it is not in anyone's interest for them to take unilateral action."
"It is in everyone’s interest for us to seriously pursue at this time the diplomatic path," she said.
Reuters contributed to this report