Caroline Glick: Moshe Ya'alon is a fake, selling out to Gantz

“We have to reconsider a lot of the basic laws and see if they have to be amended,” Glick said in the interview.

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick (photo credit: Courtesy)
Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick
(photo credit: Courtesy)
New Right Party candidate and former Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick called the Blue and White party's Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon a fake in an interview with the Jewish wire service JNS.
“He is supposedly right-wing, and yet he wants to prevent the public from having any significant say in the way the country is governed by joining a party that pledged from the outset that it’s going to block all reform in the legal fraternity,” Glick said.
Ya'alon is a former member of the Likud Party and the former defense minister.
In the interview, which was published Tuesday, Glick focused on the need to diminish the power of the attorney-general and the justices of the Supreme Court.
“We have to reconsider a lot of the basic laws and see if they have to be amended,” Glick said. “I think the Judiciary Basic Law has to be amended to constrain the power of the High Court of Justice and balance it to restore the democratic balance of power between the three branches of government.”
She also called to legislate amendments to the laws regarding the operation of the institution of the attorney-general. 
“Right now, you have legal advisers who think they get to decide what the government can do and what it can’t do, what the Knesset can legislate and what not,” she continued. “That is a problem because they are seizing powers that belong to the Knesset and to the government, the executive and legal advisers to prevent policies from being formulated or adopted. They do the same thing with legislation. It is, therefore, very important to restore the power to legislate and to restore the power to determine policy to the elected officials and remove it from unelected attorneys.”
Glick also criticized the Obama administration, claiming that former national security adviser Susan Rice “would not speak to the Israelis.” 
She said that Israel is under no obligation to accept US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” peace plan as it is delivered and that rejecting parts of the plan would not impact Israel-Middle East relations with countries like Saudi Arabia.
"The Arabs need Israel more than Israel needs them," she told JNS. "Let’s be clear. The reason the Saudis are [working with] Israel is because they need us. We don't have to pay for that."
If elected, Glick said she would like to hold a ministerial position that centers on foreign affairs, defense or Diaspora relations.