Former ‘Post’ writer Svetlova joins Labor list

Ex-chief of staff reportedly turns down spot.

Former 'Jerusalem Post' writer Ksenia Svetlova (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Former 'Jerusalem Post' writer Ksenia Svetlova
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Former The Jerusalem Post and The Jerusalem Report writer Ksenia Svetlova will be a candidate on the joint Labor-Hatnua list in the March 17 election, Hatnua head Tzipi Livni announced Sunday at a Tel Aviv press conference.
Livni received six slots from Labor in her deal with party chairman Isaac Herzog.
Her candidates will be placed in the 8th, 16th, 21st, 24th and 25th slots on the joint list that will be called Hamahane Hatzioni in Hebrew and has not yet been given a name in English.
Hatnua MK Amir Peretz and economist Manuel Trajtenberg have been promised two of the slots. One is expected to go to former Kadima MK Yoel Hasson and the other to a woman, possibly legal activist Dr. Yifat Bitton.
Svetlova, 37, has covered the Middle East for the past 12 years on the Russian-language Channel 9. She moved to Israel from Russia with her mother when she was nine years old. She has two children.
At the press conference with Livni, Svetlova said the joint Labor-Hatnua list would lead Russian immigrants and other sectors to a better future.
“I am going from the eye of the Middle Eastern storm to the political storm,” Svetlova said. “I am emotional about joining my new home and I am thankful to Tzipi Livni for this wonderful opportunity.”
Army Radio reported Sunday morning that the 11th slot on the Labor list, which is reserved for a security figure, was offered to former IDF chief of general staff Gabi Ashkenazi, but he turned it down to focus on clearing his name in the so-called Harpaz affair.
A Labor official denied the report. A source close to Ashkenazi said there were talks but they were not serious and that Labor was not the only party that spoke to him about running in the election.