Gabbay takes his mother to the polls to vote for Labor - watch

Gabbay vows to shift votes from Right to Labor as Israelis head to polls

Labor head Avi Gabbay speaks to The Jerusalem Post in Jerusalem on April 9, 2019. (Dennis Zinn)
Labor chairman Avi Gabbay promised on Tuesday that the story of this Election Day would be about voters shifting from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party to the Center-Left, enabling a political upheaval.
Gabbay accompanied his elderly mother Sarah Gabbay to vote in Jerusalem's Har Homa neighborhood in Jerusalem.
Sarah has voted for Likud her entire life, but in the 2015 elections voted for Kulanu when her son was with the party. However, this year, she cast her ballot for Labor for the first time.
"More people will be like my mother today and vote for Labor for the first time," Gabbay said. "We cannot win the election without shifting votes from the Right."
Gabbay also urged voters to ignore the "political spin" of Blue and White leader Benny Gantz about the need to strengthen the largest party in a block.
"No one ever regretted voting from their heart," he added.