Gantz: State comptroller works for Netanyahu

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz lambasts Netanyahu's conduct regarding diplomacy, embracing controversial party members and receiving loans for his legal fees.

Benny Gantz talks at influencer conference in Tel Aviv (photo credit: KOBI RICHTER/TPS)
Benny Gantz talks at influencer conference in Tel Aviv
(photo credit: KOBI RICHTER/TPS)
Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday during an "influencer conference" in Tel Aviv, Channel 12 reported.
When asked how he plans on counteracting Netanyahu's diplomatic tour, Gantz answered, "What Putin does, he does for his and Russia's self-interest, not because of Netanyahu. What Trump does, he does for his and for US self-interest, not for Netanyahu."
Netanyahu is currently in London meeting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and plans to travel to Russia to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin.
Gantz suggested that,"instead of flying to London, he drive 40 minutes north to Hadera, and then all the way up to Kiryat Shmona, where people 'bore him.' There, I get around just as much as Netanyahu does."
Gantz also commented on the smaller right-wing parties that Netanyahu's Likud Party has been trying to dismantle to gain extra votes for the Right in the upcoming election.
"[Zehut] is drugging the country to build a new Temple Mount. Otzma Yehudit are racists. That is what Netanyahu wants to introduce to the Holiest of Holies for Israel, all for his own self-interest, so that he can continue to rule."
Finally, he attacked the decision of new State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman to approve a loan from one of Netanyahu's wealthy friends that would pay for his legal fees of about two million shekels. Attorney-General Avichai Mandleblit turned down the loan initially, citing a conflict of interest, but Engelman reversed the his decision.
"The comptroller works for Netanyahu. Transparency is the mother of all solutions. Netanyahu can go to the bank and request a normal contract. The comptroller has made a grave mistake. He has created a reality that fires the permit committee. He went in a different direction, fixing the cards in Netanyahu's favor."
A spokesperson for the Likud Party said that "Gantz's attack against a premier gatekeeper like Engelman crosses the line. The left, that always cries out against attacking gatekeepers, suddenly allows any unbridled attacks – and that reveals his hypocrisy. The only coalition that Gantz can lead is a left-Arab coalition; he has no other option because the Likud won't sit with him. Whoever wants to stop a left wing-Arab coalition, has to vote only for the Likud. A right-wing government can only be established with the Likud as the largest party."