Israel Elections: One-on-One with Gideon Sa'ar, New Hope Chairman

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Gideon Sa'ar (photo credit: Courtesy)
Gideon Sa'ar
(photo credit: Courtesy)


Gideon Sa'ar: Less Superman, more Clark Kent
Vastly outnumbered, the biblical Gideon snuck after dark behind enemy lines with 300 commandos who at H-hour blew horns, shattered jars and lit torches. The enemy was stunned, and victory was swift. 
Now that ancient warrior’s namesake, Gideon Sa’ar, faces an equally daunting challenge, as the 54-year-old lawyer by profession and his team of former Likudniks set out to attack from the rear the politically formidable Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 
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Gideon Sa'ar among Bloomberg's top 8 people to watch in 2021
New Hope head Gideon Sa'ar was chosen in popular news site Bloomberg's top 8 people to watch this coming year. 
Sa'ar established the New Hope Party after defecting from Netanyahu's Likud Party in December 2020. Other than a politician and former Knesset member, Sa'ar was a lawyer and former cabinet minister. 
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Sa'ar's exit is Likud's chance to redefine ideological boundary
The exit of Gideon Sa’ar and the formation of a new party with defectors from the Likud has the potential for a redefinition of the ideological camps on the political map.
Creating a political home for Likud Revisionist idealists who founded the party (Sa’ar is not one of them) is urgent. The dramatic distance of today’s Likud Party from Jabotinsky’s and the Revisionist movement’s values was succinctly expressed by coalition chairman Miki Zohar, when he stated that he is motivated by power, pride and money. It is impossible to ignore the chasm separating Zohar’s words from the five compassionate values expressed by Jabotinsky – provision of food, abode, clothing, education and healthcare – in respect to the responsibility of the state to its citizens.
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