Huldai unveils his Druze candidate

Colonel Anan Wahabi aims to advance periphery

Druze colonel Anan Wahabi (photo credit: Courtesy)
Druze colonel Anan Wahabi
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai announced on Wednesday that one of the candidates on his Israelis slate would be retired Druze colonel, Anan Wahabi.
Wahabi, a resident of the northern Druze village Daliat al-Carmel, served in the elite General Reconnaissance Unit, Sayeret Matkal and was twice awarded citations by the IDF chief of staff.
He earned a doctorate from Haifa University in political science, is an expert on counterterrorism, and he formed a research institute on the legacy of Israel’s Druze community.
“The Israelis Party is the right home to advance Israeli society in its entirety and to bring about the integration of the periphery,” Wahabi said.
Huldai said Wahabi’s record was impressive and that he has proven he knows how to get things done.
“Our Druze brothers and sisters are an equal and inseparable part of Israel,” Huldai said. “It is time to go from talk to action in bringing about equality.”
The Knesset currently has two Druze MKs: Ayoub Kara (Likud) and Hamed Amar (Yisrael Beytenu).