Likud to vote on reserving spots for high-profile public figures

Netanyahu has been looking to draft well-known public figures for the reserve slots, such as basketball-star-turned-statesmen Tal Brody.

knesset  (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
The Likud central committee will convene Tuesday night in Ariel in order prepare to vote on a proposal that will enable Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reserve slots on the party's list for candidates of his choosing.
The Likud's law committee met late Monday night at Jerusalem's Crown Plaza hotel and reached a compromise between Netanyahu supporters, who wanted him to be able to reserve three slots, and his opponents in the party who did not want him to be given any slots.
The law committee decided to give the party leader the 11th slot on the list, as well as the 23rd, which is borderline in the polls, which polls indicate the Likud is on the cusp of winning.
Netanyahu has been looking to draft well-known public figures for the reserve slots. Names released as possibilities have included former minister Benny Begin, economist Shlomo Maoz and basketball figure-turned-international-statesman Tal Brody.
According to the proposal, from the 16th slot on the list, MKs will not be allowed to be elected, in order to ensure that new candidates from different regions and sectors will be on the Likud list.
The central committee will be asked to move up the Likud leadership race from January 6 to December 31. Netanyahu wants the election for the party's candidates to take place the same day but that part of the proposal is expected to face big opposition.
The vote on the proposal will take place Wednesday.