New website lets the world vote in Israeli election

The website 'Israelvotes2019' helps groups plan a virtual race.

Israelvotes2019 website (photo credit: Courtesy)
Israelvotes2019 website
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The real voting in the April 9 Knesset election is only available to some six million Israeli citizens of voting age.
But thanks to the new Israelvotes2019 website, anyone online can learn about the election and then cast a virtual vote. The website is the brainchild of Upstart Ideas, a Jerusalem-based consultancy which strives to educate about, advocate for and generate a meaningful connection to Israel.
While the website and the voting are available free of charge to the world, schools, organizations and campuses wishing to educate about Israel can get their own branded version of the site, with a dedicated voting page included.
“We’re offering customized sites to enable campuses, organizations and communities to educate their constituencies and take advantage of the opportunity to showcase Israel’s vibrant democracy and diversity,” said Upstart Israel co-founder Michael Eglash. “They can have a proactive campaign that answers allegations leveled against Israel and sets the agenda.”
Upstart Ideas co-founder Eric Esses said the very fact that Israel has 45 parties running can broaden perspectives about Israel as a democracy.
“They can grapple with the issues as Israelis do when they cast a vote,” he said.
The website contains information about the parties, the player and their policies on key issues. There are also key statistics about the race and the candidates in the current Knesset. For instance, the fact that 29% of the current Knesset is female compare to 25% for the US Senate.
Israel Votes was first launched 16 years ago during the 2003 elections and was active in both the 2006 and 2009 Israeli national elections. Thousands of people worldwide are expected to vote online in the virtual vote, and the results will be tabulated and posted.