PM condemns on Twitter a controversial video using Nazi motifs to attack the Israeli Left

"I urge everyone to keep to fair and proper rules of the game," tweeted the Prime Minister.

Ad uses Nazi motifs to attack Left
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned on Sunday the new video clip produced by the Samaria Citizen's Committee which attacks the Israeli Left for receiving funding from allegedly anti-Semitic groups in Europe.
The animated clip entitled The Eternal Jew was posted to YouTube on Saturday. It portrays a "leftist Jew" drawn in anti-Semitic caricature style with a long nose being prompted to act by his European master, "Mr Sturmer," an apparent reference to the Nazi propaganda newspaper.
The "leftist Jew" is portrayed as a traitor, giving his European master information that will help damage Israel.
At the end of the clip he is hung. The clip proclaims, "The Europeans may seem different to you, but to are exactly the same.
Posted with the video clip was the message, "Dozens of extremist left-wing organizations receive millions of Euros from Europe, and believe (in the best case), that they are leading us to become an enlightened, polite and cleaner country. Europe."
Netanyahu tweeted in Hebrew from his official account:
"I vigorously oppose any comparison between any Israeli organizations or persons - from across the political spectrum - to Nazi Germany and condemn any use such as this for the purpose of elections."
"I urge everyone to keep to fair and proper rules of the game, to focus on the essential issues of our existence, to act responsibly and to avoid propaganda that violates our basic values."
The Coalition against Racism said in response to the campaign, "The use of Nazi motifs is a despicable act that every law-abiding citizen should distance himself from."
The group added: "There are no words to describe the shock and disgust that this video gives rise to, and even worse, is that this was done by the Samaria Citizen's Committee, a group who receives public funding. The entire goal of the video is to create hate and accusations, and it is no wonder that it was released during elections in which various people are using incitement and racism in order to gain popularity. "