What's kingmaker Naftali Bennett really thinking?

JPost One-on-One Weekly Zoomcast - Episode 14 with Gil Hoffman and the Yamina's party candidate Jeremy Saltan.

JPost one-on-one Zoomcast - Episode 14
Israelis are waiting to see the next moves of political kingmaker Naftali Bennett, the chairman of the Yamina Party.
A native of Skokie, Illinois, Jeremy Saltan has been an adviser to Bennett for a few years and was on the party's list for Knesset.
In an interview with Jerusalem Post political correspondent Gil Hoffman, Saltan looks back at the election and Yamina's decision to recommend Bennett to form the next government. 
He provides an insider's view to Bennett's current dilemma about whether to enter a government that could be formed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Saltan speculates about what will happen if Netanyahu fails to form a government by the May 4 deadline and talks about what kind of prime minister Bennett would be.