150 children living with cancer taken on vacation in Cyprus

The children were guests of the Zichron Menachem Foundation

Zichron Menachem (photo credit: SUPPLIED)
Zichron Menachem
(photo credit: SUPPLIED)
The Zichron Menachem foundation is holding its 20th annual winter camp for children with cancer.
This year, however, the foundation has decided to change its usual plans and hold the vacation in the Blue Lagoon hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. The children were flown there for a five-day vacation which included dune buggies, off-road trips, go-karting, bowling, an amusement park and more.
"This is the first time we've gone to Cyprus and I must bless the embassy and the good people of the Blue Lagoon hotel, which helped us to help the kids forget their troubles and concerns over the disease, and let them have fun as any child can," Haim Arntal, one of the founders of the foundation said.
"There are no words to describe the excitement we felt helping make the kids of Zichron Menachem happy. The children enjoyed the various activities that the island has to offer, and we adjusted the Blue lagoon hotel for the kids. I'm sure they returned with renewed strength to deal with their illness," CEO of Kahana Group Yoni Kahan said.