Ahead of elections, nobody speaks about the 'next social catastrophe'

The fact that Israel's aging population will double by 2035 is the "next social catastrophe" said MK Tali Ploskov (Kulanu).

MK Tali Ploskov  (photo credit: Courtesy)
MK Tali Ploskov
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The expected twofold increase in Israel's aging population by 2035 represents the "next social catastrophe," said MK Tali Ploskov (Kulanu), who heads the Joint Committee on the establishment of a national plan to aid the elderly.
Speaking at an event sponsored by the  Israel-Asia Center on this subject on Wednesday, she said the issue has not been addressed by a single politician ahead of the April 9 elections.
The event brought leaders from Singapore who could dialog with Israel and share ideas and best practices for tackling the challenge. Some 25% of Singapore's population is expected to be over the age of 65 by 2030. As such, Singapore initiated various policies beginning in the 1980s to prepare for the challenge In 2016, including calls for life-long employment, learning and volunteering.
Ploskov is heading a committee that was asked to design a plan for Israel. A draft of the plan exists, but it still lacks a financing plan.
“There is a need to translate the proposal into shekels,” said Prof. Yitzhak Brick, chair of the Israel Gerontological Society and adviser to the Knesset joint committee.