Aitech cyber firm leases offices in O-TECH complex

Aitech has about 250 employees, of which around 150 are in Israel.

O-Tech complex (photo credit: Courtesy)
O-Tech complex
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Aitech Systems, a company that specializes in an artificial intelligence and cyber computer system for the defense and aerospace industries, has leased 3,100 sq.m. in Building 2 of the O-TECH complex in Kfar Saba.
The rent for the project is about NIS 60 per sq.m.
Aviv Cohen, CEO of Oshira, which established the complex, said: “This is the fourth agreement signed during the coronavirus crisis, and advanced negotiations are currently underway to sign two more agreements.”
Aitech has about 250 employees, of which around 150 are in Israel.
The company’s products assist in the operation of a variety of systems operating in space, air, sea and land. The company has been operating in Israel since 1983, and owns development and production sites in the United States and India.
The company is owned by the FIMI investment fund (as of 2018) and is managed by Yaron Mund.
The first building of the O-TECH complex, which covers an area of approximately 18,000 sq.m., is already fully occupied by companies such as SodaStream, Regus, Novo Nordisk, Next, Segment, Finastra, SIBF, TrekAce and Oshira.
O-TECH is a new complex for hi-tech, biotech and international companies, which includes three office buildings, a leisure center and entertainment and dining area of more than 100,000 sq.m. The value of the project is approximately NIS 800 million.