Amos Oz's grandson to Im Tirtzu: You are Israel's cancer

Dean Oz Salzberger says he is committed to fighting the right-wing NGO.

Israeli author Amos Oz (photo credit: REUTERS)
Israeli author Amos Oz
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Dean Oz Salzberger attacked the right-wing NGO Im Tirtzu for labeling his grandfather, the famous author Amos Oz, as a "foreign agent" in its recent campaign against cultural figures in Israel.
Politicians from across the political spectrum slammed the campaign, which labels hundreds of Israeli cultural figures as foreign agents for their affiliation with left-wing groups.
The campaign poster, headlined “Foreign agents in culture,” featured prominent cultural figures including Oz and fellow writer Yehoshua Sobol and actress Gila Almagor. Oz was targeted for his affiliation with the B'Tselem group that monitors IDF activity in the West Bank.
Despite Im Tirtzu apologizing for the campaign, Oz's grandson said he was committed to fighting what he called the "ugly" NGO until it is "ejected."
"You are the cancer in our society. You are the real foreign agents," Oz Salzberger said of Im Tirtzu.  
On his Facebook page Oz-Salzberger wrote on Saturday: "Attached here is a photo of my grandfather Amos ('the foreign agent') who is crying from excitement at my IDF officer's graduation a few months ago."
"A few days ago you [Im Tirtzu] gave license for the killing of my grandfather and others. People who have different opinions than yours. In the case of those targeted they were also lovers of Israel and of their fellow man and Zionists. But even if they were not it is their right not to be incited against," he wrote.    
"My grandfather, like any citizen of Israel, has the right to express his opinions. Without apologizing. Without pledging allegiance. That's how democracy works," he wrote. 
Continuing to direct his statement at Im Tirtzu, Oz-Salzberger said the group's ideology was "light years away from from the ideas of the Zionist movement." He added that the group's ideology was foreign to Judaism and dangerous to Israeli democracy. 

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Posted by Dean Maccabbi Salzberger on Saturday, January 30, 2016