im tirzu

Im Tirzu carried out the ideals of Zionism by doing good - opinion

Israel without Zionism is a hollowed-out failure, regardless of whatever prosperity and strength to which one could point.

Clashes between Arabs, right-wing activists at TAU Nakba Day rally

Three people were arrested at the rally after they attacked protesters and police.

Bar-Ilan University allows only Israeli flags to be hung in dorms

The ban on flags by Electra is still in place, just not for Israeli flags • Nesya Liberman: "The general ban on flags violates freedom of expression and should never have been instituted"


We must reclaim our Zionist resolve in 2022 - opinion

Quiet periods in the Middle East accrue interest as future unrest. True quiet will only come with our victory and that victory will only come with the assertion of our resolve.

Not giving Goldreich the Israel Prize was correct - opinion

The government would have dishonored itself, and all of us, to have decided to award him the Israel Prize. 

High Court lets Gallant deny Israel Prize to math professor

Critics of the decision called on the remaining Israel Prize winners to refuse to accept their prizes in solidarity with Prof. Goldreich.

Gallant finalizes decision to revoke Israel Prize from math professor

"His letter expresses his McCarthyist approach and by doing so, solidifies his anti-democratic legacy," Prof. Goldreich's attorney said in response to the decision.

Site where B'Tselem activists burned Israeli territory near Kiryat Arba

B'Tselem activists arrested for torching land in West Bank

The activists were Imad Abu Shamsiyya, a photographer for B'Tselem who documented the controversial Elior Azaria case, and Araf Jabber.

People participate in a meditation walk in support of Black Lives Matter organized by the Portland B

‘Woke’ winds must be stopped at Israel's borders - opinion

One of the major attributes of the woke sensibilities is the one-size-fits-all moral view of things.

Knesset Central Elections Committee Director Orly Adas counts ballots of voters in quarantine.

Im Tirzu is 'protecting, not preempting' Israel's election - opinion

Chairman of the board of Im Tirzu responds to concerns over the right-wing watchdog's actions

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