Storm Carmel: 25 cm of snow on Mt. Hermon, Kinneret rises 2 cm

Further rain and snowfall is expected from winter storm Carmel on Tuesday.

 Mt. Hermon, December 21, 2021 (photo credit: MT. HERMON)
Mt. Hermon, December 21, 2021
(photo credit: MT. HERMON)

25 cm of snow has accumulated on Mt. Hermon, and the Kinneret has risen by two cm, as winter storm Carmel continued to hit northern and central Israel on Tuesday.

About 25 cm of snow accumulated in the lower part of the Hermon ski resort, which is closed to visitors until further notice.

Meanwhile, the Kinneret rose by two cm to 210.76 meters below sea level on Tuesday morning. The lake is 1.96 meters below the upper red line that marks a full lake and 2.25 meters above the lower red line that marks a dangerously low lake.

Storm Carmel brought heavy rainfall to central and northern Israel on Monday, with 37.5 mm of rain falling in Jerusalem, 24.7 mm falling in Tel Aviv, 63.1 mm falling in Haifa and 75.1 mm falling in Safed. The highest amount of rainfall was recorded in Amikam, with 96 mm of rainfall recorded on Monday.

Further rain showers are expected in northern Israel and along the coast on Tuesday, with concerns of flooding along the coast. More snowfall is expected on the Hermon.

Banias River after rain from storm Carmel (Credit: Nature and Parks Authority/Uday Abd Aluli)

The high winds brought by the storm will gradually weaken throughout the day. It will be colder than usual for this time of year.

Overnight, isolated showers with occasional thunderstorms are expected in northern Israel and along the coast. Isolated showers will continue until Thursday.

The storm is the third named storm in the Eastern Mediterranean Group of EUMETNET, which includes the meteorological services of Israel, Greece and Cyprus. Other Hebrew names in the list of names for the 2021/2022 season include Irit, Joel, Lavi, Ora and Raphael.