Meet the renewable energy AI capable of solving Israel’s gas price crisis

Daniel Gimpel, CEO and co-founder of Mada Analytics, speaks with Tamar Uriel-Beeri, Managing Editor of


Tamar Uriel-Beeri & Daniel GimpelCEO of Mada Analytics,ExitValley platform
 photo credit: EXITVALLEY

When Daniel Gimpel, a veteran venture capital expert and fintech professional, entered the world of renewable energy storage, he discovered that the market needed to find the most economical and context-driven solutions for storage. “We developed analytical models and simulations to find the right economic context where energy storage makes sense, delivers value, and is efficient,” says Gimpel. “That’s really the solution and challenge we’re trying to solve.”

Mada Analytics created an analytic simulation solution called MEPS, a software optimization engine that integrates both the planning of renewable energy projects and their management. The MEPS engine analyzes different variables on both the input and output sides, and shows how they are interconnected and how different events can impact them. “What we found the most traction,” Gimpel says, “has been in applying it towards financial optimization of how to really increase profit for financing projects.”

In the current global energy crisis, he says, Israel is experiencing difficulties in switching to renewable energy. The MEPS engine is scalable and very robust and can understand the best balance to deliver energy from gas sources at the most minimal level of emissions, as well as integrate wind and solar energy usage, Gimpel explains.

Mada chose ExitValley because, says Gimpel, “their platform gives us great broad exposure both to funds,  family offices, and individuals, giving them the opportunity to get in early on great investments.”

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