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Pinecone Systems releases the next stage of search engine evolution

‘Vector search’ fuses the two dominant search models – keyword and semantic – into one system that will enable companies to offer the highest level search results possible.

Israeli innovators win $2 million Climate Solutions Prize

Hundreds of people attended the Climate Solutions Prize Festival in the Hulda forest in central Israel.

Amid an onslaught of firings, how have these start-ups survived?

Despite the ongoing firing trend which has led to the termination of hundreds of employees, these companies have managed to hold strong and even grow.

Israel could become a climate change solution leader - opinion

Israel, as a recognized leader in developing advanced solutions to global challenges, is extremely well-positioned to take a central position in battling climate change.

Robot on display at Terminator 3 premier in Los Angeles

Can Keymakr video annotation help AI see like Terminator or Iron Man?

Tech Talk: Keymakr video annotation helps AI see better.


Only 1.8% of Israeli tech workers are Arab, new research shows

The chief economist who led the report could not yet ascertain precisely why the number of Arabs entering the tech sector was so low.


Mobileye vets launch start-up to assess what drugs should go to trial

OMEC.AI, founded by Ori Shachar and Amir Harel, aims to transform the process of drug discovery and development for the betterment of human health.

They scale up so fast: a misty-eyed Tel Aviv watches its start-ups grow

A new report uncovers the record-breaking nature of Tel Aviv’s start-up industry, which has begun scaling up in a major way

Can one Israeli start-up reinvent the music management industry?

Elad Pankovski and Omer Matz, creators of IndieFlow, believe that music does indeed need a makeover.

Meet the Israeli AI platform that is going to change the world - and you can help them

The digital platform, which has already raised over NIS 1.5 million in crowdfunding, offers customers a one-stop-shop to plan and book all suppliers needed for a party.

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