Indictment filed against three Jews accused of terror against Arabs

Three men were arrested, one of which was known to police after stabbing an Arab six years ago and only serving two years.

Man in handcuffs - illustrative (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Man in handcuffs - illustrative
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

An indictment was filed against Aviel Gavrilov (21), Aviel Goldstein (18) and David Tayar (25) from Hadera on Thursday in the Haifa District Court for organizing terror acts against Arabs.

Gavrilov and Goldstein were arrested at the beginning of July, and Tayar was arrested three days later after the three threw a Molotov cocktail on Olga beach.

Tayar was known to the police after he stabbed an Arab man to death six years ago in Givat Olga. At the time, police suspected that the motive was that Tayar was angry that Arabs lived in the town and had romantic relations with Jewish women, but this wasn't included in the indictment.

Tayar's lawyers at the time Tommy Nadashi and Tomer Ashash made a deal with the prosecution to get Tayar off with the claim that Tayar killed the victim out of self-defense, and Tayar only served two years in prison.

The investigation of the three men was conducted together with the Shin Bet and the Fight against Crime unit in Israel Police. The suspects were initially held in isolation and interrogated without their lawyers.

 Olga Beach (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Olga Beach (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Targetting Arabs in general

According to the indictment, the suspects' organization comes from a national-ideological motive with the goal of evoking fear and panic. The Shin Bet said that the three men "felt rage and frustration" and they "decided to do something to scare people to return safety to the area because of annoyances from Arabs that come to the beach."

According to the indictment, on the evening of the molotov cocktail incident, the suspects watched a video guide on how to make Molotov cocktails, made them and dressed in such a way as to hide their tattoos and make sure they won't be recognizable.

The suspects said in their interrogation that they did not intend to harm anyone specifically but were targetting Arabs in general.