Data of over 61,000 Turkish Jewish gravestones online in new database

Researchers under the leadership of Prof. Minna Rozen, then of Tel Aviv University, worked from 1988 to 1990 travelling across Turkey taking over 100,000 photos as well as mapping the cemeteries.

Kalo café and the kashrut certificate controversy

According to kashrut rules, a non-Jewish cook cannot light the burners (or the stove).

WHY WAS Balaam so amazed when he saw the tents in the Israelites’ camp?
Parashat Balak: Loyalty to family and nation

Balaam understood that family values require effort and that marriage requires effort, restraint and loyalty.

Treasures of Israeli folklore explored in new volume

In this 400-page volume, which is lavishly illustrated, each tale is accompanied by a scholarly commentary that provides an insight into its background, origins and history.

Democracy and the Jews: Democracy, its demons and interplay with religion

Though the world is not yet ready for the Torah’s version of utopia, we are grateful for even gradual improvements, as society evolves ever closer to that vision. Democracy is a Divine gift.

The link between George Orwell, George Floyd and the Jews – opinion

Anybody who believes that the goal of the protesters has been to raise consciousness about the unfair treatment of blacks is missing the point and the bigger picture.

An Orthodox Jewish man wears a mask while talking on a cellphone in the Orthodox Jewish community of
Coronavirus is a public health threat to Jewish life – opinion

COVID-19, as indicated by data accumulating daily, is here to stay, and its long-term effects require immediate, medium- and long-term emergency preparedness and response policies and plans.

Most Israelis, Palestinians want peace, but peace means different things

The view that each side has of itself is extremely different from the view that the other side has of it.

Jewish gravestones found in Austrian castle walls after 400 years

The oldest of the tombstones is dated back to the Hebrew date of 8 Tevet 5383 (December 11, 1622) and belongs to Elieser, son of Abraham Mose.

Daniel Craig as a Jew with a gun in "Defiance."
‘Defiance’ is the best Jews vs. Nazis inspiration that Netflix offers

If you’re also just in the mood for some guilt-free footage of Jews shooting back at their oppressors while in quarantine, Netflix is waiting.

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