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In a secular Israel, liberal American Jews will have no problem - opinion

These Jews, accustomed to the American tradition of religion in the service of liberal values and progress, believe that the Jewish religion could play a different role in Israel.

Pew released a survey showing how intermarriage is ravaging the American Jewish Community

Israelis discover intermarriage - opinion

Last month Israel erupted in controversy when a Bible study convention, “Tanach 929,” invited an Israel-Arab media personality as a speaker.


Two kinds of Jews: Bar Kochba was not an ancient Moshe Dayan - opinion

Bar Kochba would have admired Moshe Dayan’s heroism but they were two different Jews separated by millennia.

Jewish and Arab youth playing baseball together

Program uniting Jewish and Arab Israelis celebrates 15 years of activity

Dialogue and Identity pairs Jewish and Arab schools and teaches students about tolerance through a series of meetings about Israel's different religions.

Lag Ba'omer reminds us to accept Jews that are different from us - opinion

There are interfaith couples and people in interfaith families who don’t feel fully at home in the Jewish community, who feel like “outsiders,” or “less than.”

The love affair between Israel's Jews and tattoos - opinion

For the less observant Jew, however, as tattoos have become more popular in the last decade or so, many have been drawn to this fascinating art form.

'Law's Dominion:' Jews in a globalized context - review

Were France’s Jews in the 1500s more integrated than previously thought?


Antisemitism in Austria reaches all-time high in 2021

965 incidents, the most annually since documentation began 20 years ago, were reported in Austria in 2021.


The Jewish Russian community is falling apart - senior Jewish leaders

The Jewish Russian community is suffering economically from the sanctions against Russia, and many high tech employees have left the country.

Israeli passengers wait to board the Lufthansa flight intended to bring them back to Israel, Februar

Lufthansa CEO apologizes for 'antisemitism' on his airline

"This incident should never have happened and the employees involved have been suspended, pending the airline’s investigation into what happened," Lufthansa's CEO said.

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