HOLYGEMS - The world’s only jewelry exclusively mined in the Holy Land

HOLYGEMS' CEO to address the Jerusalem Post Conference,

 HOLYGEMS' CEO, Tali Shalem (photo credit: PR)
HOLYGEMS' CEO, Tali Shalem
(photo credit: PR)

HOLYGEMS' CEO, Tali Shalem, will be among the distinguished speakers at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, on September 12.

HOLYGEMS is a new luxury jewelry brand from Israel - The world’s only jewelry inlaid with never-seen-before, extremely rare, natural precious gems, exclusively mined from the Holy Land.

Following a prophetic revelation, precious gems are mined from the Holy Land, including blue, green and yellow Sapphire, red Garnet, black Spinel and a unique gem found only in Israel: the Carmel-Sapphire.  

"I'm so proud to take my father legacy and make it real and tell the world that his faith prevailed”, says Shalem, “we found amazing rare gems in the land of Israel, and now, we begin to market them in a line of luxury jewelry under the registered brand HOLYGEMS, that offers gold jewelry exclusively set with these precious gems found in the Holy Land" The Holy Gems brand can be found on the company website: www.holy-gems.com.

The Conference, celebrating the Post’s 90th anniversary, will feature important statesmen, business leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, influential cultural figures and opinion leaders from around the world.