Israel files indictment against suspect in Yelena Gerenberg's murder

Jason Blaze admitted to killing Yelena Gerenberg after saying that he had done it by accident.

 Yelena Gerenberg (photo credit: MAARIV)
Yelena Gerenberg
(photo credit: MAARIV)

An indictment was filed on Friday against Jason Blaze who is accused of murdering Yelena Gerenberg a month ago.

According to the indictment, Blaze murdered Gerenberg because she refused to have a romantic relationship with him. The indictment adds that Blaze had intended on burning the body and had gone as far as soaking it in fuel but ultimately changed his mind and didn't burn her.

"Tomorrow will mark a month since you've been gone, and every day is harder," wrote Gerenberg's sister Nadya Aminov in a post on Friday. "I want to find out that this is a nightmare, but it's not, it's entirely real. I pray every day that the filth that did this to you will sit in prison until his last day and never see daylight again. He took you from me, my only sister."

What happened to Yelena?

Gerenberg's body was found in an orchard by a passerby at the end of August hours after a missing person report was filed when her family noticed that she had not come home the night before. Her body was soon identified, and it was apparent that she had been murdered.

Police car at night (credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)Police car at night (credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

Blaze was soon arrested on suspicion of the murder and told the police that he had killed Gerenberg by accident. Her family and friends, however, told Israel Police that Blaze had wanted a romantic relationship, but Gerenberg wanted to remain friends and that he was frustrated by this.

Blaze's arrest was extended soon after his initial arrest.