Alumot Or – Promoting Special Education programs through Israel

Robert Singer, Alumot Or Chair, to speak at JPost Conference Thursday

 President Isaac Herzog and wife Michal at dedication of Benjamin Rothman school in Eshel HaNasi youth village  (photo credit: ELI DASSA)
President Isaac Herzog and wife Michal at dedication of Benjamin Rothman school in Eshel HaNasi youth village
(photo credit: ELI DASSA)

Established in 2015 in response to an urgent need in education for people with special needs, Alumot Or promotes and implements educational programs in special education institutions throughout Israel, developing and implementing innovative programs and projects.

Robert Singer, chairman of the organization, will be participating in a panel discussion at The Jerusalem Post’s “Celebrate The Faces Of Israel” conference this Thursday, April 27, at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem.

Alumot Or works with student populations with disabilities, youth at risk and the disadvantaged by developing their sense of inner dignity and self-worth, strengthening respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and human diversity in Israeli society, and expanding the right of special education students to quality, equitable and inclusive education.

Since its establishment, Alumot Or has supported thousands of special education students and youth at risk in fifteen schools throughout Israel, with an emphasis on the geographic and social periphery.

April is International Autism Awareness Month, and working with autistic individuals is at the core of Alumot Or’s activities. The organization provides solutions for the autistic population in several areas, ranging from assisting in transition to adulthood as they move from the school environment to helping with work arrangements and daily living.

Alumot Or works in special education classrooms in a number of different areas, including, among others, classroom management and differential teaching, adjusting teaching methods and assessment methods, connecting vision to practice in the special education classroom, strengthening the connection between the professional vision of the teaching and treatment team, and planning the curriculum in the classroom or educational framework in the spirit of Universal Design of Learning values.

“Alumot Or was established out of a strong need in the field for the advancement of special education students,” says Singer. “Together with the Education Ministry and local councils, eight schools named after Benjamin Rothman were established, and another seven schools were added to the Alumot Or cluster to receive the pedagogical and educational infrastructure the organization provides. We will continue to promote excellence in special education, and many more significant projects are planned for years to come.”

Rothman was a Holocaust survivor and philanthropist who helped fund the organization.

Adv. Ziv Magor, director-general of Alumot Or, adds, “We at Alumot Or place the utmost importance on the fact that every student realizes their inherent potential and proves to everyone that for them, the sky is the limit. Through personalized programs for each student that rely on their needs and desires and not on the type of disability, Alumot Or will continue to advance the transition to matriculation and realize the rights of special education students and their families.”

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