A beauty of social action

 DNIELLA PRUSKI SIOON, ELIE  SAGIV and L’Oréal team (photo credit: RAMI &EZRA LEVI)
(photo credit: RAMI &EZRA LEVI)

Hundreds of L’Oréal managers and employees in Israel, headed by L’Oréal Israel CEO Elie Sagiv, volunteered at ten different locations throughout the country on behalf of the community as part of “Good Citizenship Day,” which the company is observed for the 13th year.

The activities encompassed all of the company’s employees from its headquarters in Netanya and the logistics center in Caesarea, who dedicated their entire working day to meaningful volunteering for the community.

The program began early in the morning at ten different locations, from Ramat Gan to Bnei Brak, from Netanya and HaKfar HaYarok to Gan Haim, with L’Oréal staff engaged in significant volunteer activity, in cooperation with organizations and associations that are L’Oréal’s long-term social partners.

  (credit: RAMI &EZRA LEVI)
(credit: RAMI &EZRA LEVI)

The ten volunteer centers were: 

  • Tel HaShomer – the rest area in the oncology department, providing pampering beauty treatments for cancer patients.
  • Beit Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, offering pampering beauty treatments for women in the rehabilitation process.
  • The day center for the elderly of the Hadar Association in Netanya, providing leisure activities and sessions to relieve loneliness.
  • The “Netina” food distribution center in Netanya, packing food packages for the needy.
  • The Rehabilitation Work Center (MAAS) in Netanya – offering creative and leisure activities to adults with disabilities. 
  • The “Tzvoni” daycare center in HaKfar  HaYarok – construction of seating and ornamental areas for children living in an out-of-home framework.
  • Leket Israel’s logistics center – sorting fresh fruits and vegetables for the needy.
  • Mesilot Garden in Netanya – planting seedlings and building nesting boxes for birds
  • Multi-Service Center for the Blind (Marshal) in Netanya– conducting leisure and enrichment activities with the participants. 
  • WIZO clothing center in Netanya – sorting and arranging clothes that are a source of income for needy women.

Elie Sagiv, CEO of L’Oréal Israel, summed up the day at a special event for the volunteer workers and said: “It is a tremendous privilege to stop our routine and volunteer for others. Not only on this day, but throughout the year, we enable our employees to volunteer at the expense of working hours and contribute to the communities around us. A successful company is measured not only by its business performance but also by the social and environmental impact it creates around it. A  key component of L’Oréal’s mission and vision is to create beauty that drives a more beautiful world.”