Factory 54 teamed up with Schneider Children's Medical Center

  (photo credit: Eden Amit)
(photo credit: Eden Amit)

Factory 54 teamed up with Schneider Children's Medical Center to raise awareness of dealing with children with chronic diseases or disabilities as part of the routine of life

At Schneider, children from all over the country are treated. Some are dealing with complex or chronic diseases and have been monitored for years by the hospital staff. 

Of these, eight children who will enter first grade in September were chosen, and they are excited and proud to tell their story and their struggles.

This is the second year in which the collaboration between Factory 54 and Schneider is taking place. About a year ago, a campaign was filmed to raise awareness for organ donations. The project is an initiative of Ifat Irani together with Prof. Efi Bilavsky, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Schneider.

The children photographed in the project are Emma Zohar Yafet from Rehovot, Idan Aptkar from Ashdod, Leanne Lasry from Ashdod, Khalil Blasi from Ramla, Karim Ganem from Zemer, Tevel Fadida from Hod Hasharon, Karin Itzikovski Skliar from Bitzaron and Or Rachel Kishblom from Petach Tikva. All of them are going into first grade and agreed to be documented.

Emma Zohar lives a completely normal life with one-sided deafness.

Idan Aptkar is suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Leanne Lasry was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2020.

Khalil Blasi was diagnosed with thalassemia at the age of 11 months.

Karim Ganem was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago. Karim learned to live with diabetes, without being ashamed of the devices he uses on his body.

At the age of one, Tevel Fedida contracted meningitis and her hearing was damaged, and after a long rehabilitation, she learned how to hear again.

Karin Itzikovski Skliar was born with a rare syndrome and was attached to a nasogastric tube. By the age of two she weighed 7 kilos, and today she is walking, jumping, and running.

Or Rachel Kishblom was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of one and eight months.

Even children who are dealing with chronic diseases or disabilities can lead a routine life like all children and go into first grade.

According to Prof. Efi Bilavsky, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Schneider: "At the Schneider Center, children dealing with various medical conditions are treated, some of them with chronic diseases. The collaboration with Factory 54 allows us to show that these children also lead normal and happy lives, modeling in their own time for a fashion company, and most importantly, are as excited just like every other child going into first grade.”